The East Bloomfield Historical Society maintains a vast collection of material related to families in the Town of East Bloomfield and surrounding areas. Below are a few examples of our in-house resources:

  • Genealogies compiled on various family lines
  • Family surname files
  • Church and Cemetery Records
  • History books
  • Local Maps
  • Militia records from 1828 to 1830
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Bloomfield Central School year books
  • Scrapbooks

Beginning Your Genealogical Research

You can begin your family inquiry by visiting our index of records. There you will enter the family surname you are researching to see if it is contained in our archives. When there is a match, all individuals with that surname will be displayed along with each given name and middle initial. The location where each name can be found will also be listed.


Scheduling a Visit

If you are interested in visiting the Historical Society to continue your research, you can schedule an appointment with our genealogist. The genealogy staff is available most Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. or by scheduled appointment.

Completing the Research Request Form before the appointment will assist the genealogy staff in better aiding you in your request for family information.

Research Requests

If you are not able to schedule a visit or prefer to have the genealogy staff conduct the research, complete the Research Request Form and send to the East Bloomfield Historical Society along with a $20 payment. When research is completed, a bill will be submitted to you and upon receipt of payment (personal or certified bank check), our research will be mailed to you.


Research Fees


Members in good standing receive one half hour of genealogy volunteer research free annually. Members can do their own in-office research without charge. Making copies with our copier are $.25 per black page, $.50 per color page. Postage and handling additional, as required.



$10 per visit plus the cost of any copies.

Research done by our volunteer staff is $20/hour (plus copy fees).

Copy Fees:
  • $.25 per page - Black/White copy.
  • $.50 per page - Color copy.
  • $.15 per page using your camera or scanner.
  • $.50 each for digitally scanned computer material.
  • Postage and handling additional, as required.

Professional Organization Request:

Fee subject to negotiation.