The East Bloomfield Historical Society received its charter from the New York State Board of Education in 1969. The "Historical Society of the Town of East Bloomfield" known as the "East Bloomfield Historical Society", is the result of the determination and perseverance of one local resident, Mrs. Lena Saxby Steele. Mrs. Steele was a life-long resident of East Bloomfield and had an avid interest in the history of the area. Through her efforts, the Historical Society was formed with the mission of preserving and promoting an understanding of the community's history for present and future generations. Historical artifacts and documents are preserved and available to all interested residents and individuals.

The Society resides in the three-story brick East Bloomfield Academy school building dating to 1838. Currently, over 7,000 artifacts are housed at the Academy building with more being added each month. In November of each year, the Society gathers as a whole for the annual dinner meeting. The annual meeting offers an opportunity for the membership to review the past year, set goals for the coming year, and elect Trustees to lead the Society. The Society welcomes volunteers and individuals interested in serving on the Board of Trustees. Together, we will continue to record and preserve daily events of life in Bloomfield for the education and enjoyment of both present and future generations.