Christmas Auction

Homemade Holiday Goods

Due to Covid, EBHS could not hold its annual Christmas Auction fundraiser, which included several homemade items. With the annual Auction on hold, we decided to offer these items as an online auction. In true auction form, the highest bid will win the item and all items are homemade for your holiday enjoyment.

Bidding has ended. Thank you for your support!

All items will be available for pickup at the EBHS museum on December 23rd in time for Christmas dinner. Payment is expected at this time and we are accepting cash, check, or credit card.


Item NumberDonated ByDescriptionQuantityHighest BidEdit
1SheilaBanana Bread1$20
2DawnPumpkin Pecan Bread1$7
3AlicePumpkin Pecan Bread1$10
4Barb HillCranberry Nut Bread1$11.01
6LaurelOrange Cranberry Bread1$10


Item NumberDonated ByDescriptionQuantityHighest BidEdit
5GailLemon Loaf1$12
7NancyApple Blossom Cake1$7
8BarbChocolate Fruitcake1$30
9JimJeweled Fruit Cake1$51.01
10DorothyApple Coffee Cake1$10
11Larry and LyndaOrange Cranberry Bundt Cake1$10
12LindaChocolate Chip Cakes1$11.01

Cookies - 2 dozen per listing

Item NumberDonated ByDescriptionQuantityHighest BidEdit
13BarbChocolate Mint Brownies1$10
15ArleneChocolate Chip Cookies1$10
16SheilaChocolate Chip Cookies1$11.01
17GinnyAlmond Macaroons1$15
18GinnyChocolate Meatball Cookies1$15
19GinnyItalian Lemon Cookie1$11.01
20SallyAlmond Cookies1$20
22KayChristmas Cookie Jar filled with Christmas Cookies1$41.01

Candy - 1lb

Item NumberDonated ByDescriptionQuantityHighest BidEdit
23-1MarleseTiger Butter (1 of 3)1$20
23-2MarleseTiger Butter (2 of 3)1$15
23-3MarleseTiger Butter (3 of 3)1$10
24MarleseChocolate Peanut Clusters1$10
25-1DawnToffee (1 of 3)1$30
25-2DawnToffee (2 of 3)1$25
25-3DawnToffee (3 of 3)1$20
26DawnPeanut Butter Fudge1$14.01
27DawnChocolate Fudge1$30
28DawnPeanut Brittle1$30
29BarbChocolate Bark1$15
30MollySaltine Toffee Bars1$10

Canned Goods

Item NumberDonated ByDescriptionQuantityHighest BidEdit
31Rogers FarmGrape Jam (8 oz)1$11
32-1Rogers FarmHoney (8 oz) (1 of 2)1$10
32-2Rogers FarmHoney (8 oz) (2 of 2)1$6
33Rogers FarmHorseradish (8 oz)1$11
34-1HeatherDill Pickles (1 quart) (1 of 2)1$15
34-2HeatherDill Pickles (1 quart) (2 of 2)1$11
35-1GeneHomemade Spaghetti Sauce (16 oz) (1 of 2)1$25
35-2GeneHomemade Spaghetti Sauce (16 oz) (2 of 2)1$15
36-1MartyGrapewine Jam (1 of 2)1$7.01
36-2MartyGrapewine Jam (2 of 2)1$7
37Grown on GrimbleMaple Syrup (1 quart)1$21
38Grown on GrimbleSugar Free Apple Sauce1$10
39StaceyCinnamon Apple Sauce1$12
40Grown on GrimbleGrape Jam (1 pint)1$10
41StaceyPeaches (Canned)1$20
42GenePeach Jam1$10
59-1MarleseGrape Jelly1$10


Item NumberDonated ByDescriptionQuantityHighest BidEdit
43-1PamWalnut (1 of 2)1$25
43-2PamWalnut (2 of 2)1$20.5
44RuthApple Pie1$35
45DawnApple Pie1$25
46BarbApple Pie1$25
47PatBlueberry Pie1$20.01
48DianeElderberry Pie1$20.01
49BarbElderberry Pie1$20
50AudreyRhubarb Custard Pie1$31.01
51-1JoyceChocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie (1 of 2)1$26.01
51-2JoyceChocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie (2 of 2)1$25
52-1RoseMincemeat Pie (1 of 2)1$30
52-2RoseMincemeat Pie (2 of 2)1$20
53CarolPecan Pie1$25
54LydiaPecan Pie1$39.01
55DawnBlueberry Pie1$25
56GeneBlueberry Pie1$15.25
57LydiaPeach Pie1$31.01
58DawnPeach Pie1$43

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